According to a 2016 article by McKinsey and Harward Business Review, agriculture is the least digitalised industry. Considering that we are talking about a $3 trillion industry, that represents lots of opportunities to modernise and automate a sector at the basis of our survival!

Companies in ag-tech mostly focus on the following topics and technologies: field management through satellite image recognition (e.g. Auravant), real time monitoring through IoT (e.g. PrismaB), crops efficiency improvement through biotechnology (e.g. Nostoc) etc.

Every % of yield improvement or saving contributes significantly in a business where margins are very little, upstream in the value chain, while real profit is made only towards the retail side.

The very challenge to push technology into the upper side of the agriculture value chain, i.e. at production, is to win the legacy of traditions and to educate end users.
In that sense, much effort must be paid into the experience rather than the product itself. Most of the times equipment must deal with dirt, rough conditions and “thick fingers”. While many companies come up with similar solutions, the winner will be the one providing the best experience and usability.

Daniele Calzolari has an MBA at IE Business School (Madrid, Spain), 10+ years experience in corporates and startups, lived in 4 countries, speaks 4 languages, and is 1 time father and husband. Read more