A time or set of circumstances that make a business idea a real opportunity.

We often hear from friends or acquaintances “I have a great idea for a startup” “ha, I had the same idea before Spotify was even founded” etc. However, how can we recognise the real potential business in just an idea, what makes an idea a real business opportunity?
With my blog and methodology I want to provide a reality check for business ideas, give a critical and managerial approach to solve business issues and hopefully inspire and support some entrepreneurs  to bring their ideas to another level; I call it hipportunity.

As the hippocampus of human brain allows long-term and spacial memory (as well as being the scientific name of cute seahorses), the hipportunity is the long term memory that helps you to navigate in the world of infinite possibilities and focus on the real opportunities.

My name is Daniele Calzolari, MBA at IE Business School (Madrid, Spain), 10+ years experience in corporates and startups, lived in 4 countries, speak 4 languages, 1 time father and husband.